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Because we come to you quickly, there is never a need to tow your car or bring your lock or ignition somewhere to be serviced. We will assist you quickly our mobile car locksmith service.
If you break the key off in your car’s ignition, you may or may not be required to replace your car’s ignition cylinder.

It all depends on a combination of factors. One of the most important factors is how far the pieces broke inside the lock cylinder. In case the pieces are close such that they can be removed without damaging the other parts of the ignition, it will not be necessary to replace the ignition cylinder.

However, if a lot of pressure was applied when the pieces broke, this could have damaged some of the other parts of the ignition and a replacement is inevitable. A professional car locksmith will always assess the situation before recommending the best option.

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fast emergency locksmith melbourne

I had the pleasure of dealing with Frank today who quickly and efficiently got my keys out of my car.
There were two 'technicians" from another company attempt before him with no success, only wasted my time.
If you want the job done right and done well I highly recommend Frank.

Mark Lynch


Frank was great. He worked on my lock for an hour at night in the cold and only charged me his original quote. The job was very tricky and he remained calm, patient and friendly throughout. He was very concerned for our welfare and even offered to let us sit in his van so we could stay warm. I am so pleased that it was Frank who turned up to rescue us. Thanks Frank!

Ann Gaffney


car key extraction melbourne


Car Key Extraction FAQS

Q. Will it be necessary to change the lock on the door of my car?

The lock on the door of your car should only be replaced if it was damaged when the key was breaking. Our locksmiths know how to conduct the extraction process without damaging the door.

Q. How long will the car extraction process take?

A professional locksmith will take 20 to 30 minutes to extract a broken key from your car. Please note that this may change depending on whether the key broke off in the door or in the ignition of your car. Our properly trained locksmith will first assess the ignition or the door lock to decide on the best extraction process that not only takes the least time but one that keeps the car intact.

Q. Will I require a spare key?

You need a spare key because your key probably broke. We strongly advise against driving your car with broken pieces of a car key inside the car lock or inside the ignition. You should also avoid hot-wiring the car since this will make the situation worse. In a nutshell, it is important to obtain a spare key.

Q. Is it okay to start the car with broken key pieces in the ignition?

While many car owners attempt this, we strongly advise against it. This is because you cause more damages to the car ignition. Besides, the pieces can be pushed further back making it harder to extract them. The same applies if you broke the key in the car lock. Do not attempt to force it open. Just call your locksmith for help.

How Car Keys Break

Most of us think that it is rare for car keys to break. But this is a problem many car owners face from time to time. The keys of a car can break for a number of reasons. Stress due to daily wear and tear is the most common cause for the breaking. Keys that have been used for a good number of days are more susceptible to breaking than their relatively newer counterparts.

It is important to check the status of your car keys all the time. In case you notice any cracks, stop using the key and use the spare or get a replacement. Do not wait until the key breaks in the door or within the ignition to find a solution. The solution is normally calling a professional locksmith for help.

Using excess force is the other likely cause of car keys breaking off. The breakage can occur in the door lock or in the ignition if the driver applies excessive pressure when opening the door or starting the car. Please avoid immense pressure when unlocking the car door or starting the car. As a matter of fact, what could be needed is just a little lubrication to the door or ignition instead of excessive force.

Car keys can also break due to extreme changes in weather conditions. This is particularly common during the winter season. This may be due to the fact that metals lose their kinetic energy when they are exposed to cold temperatures, making them to contract.

Consequently, during the cold season, the material of the lock as well as that of the key may slightly get warped due to contraction. This makes it harder to open the door of the car or start the car. Whenever you face this problem, please don’t force your key into the keyway.

Over torquing the car keys can also damage the key itself, the car lock or the ignition. We advise heating the key a bit when you feel that it is not working as usual with the car lock or with the ignition. You can also lubricate the door lock or the ignition before trying to use the key again. This will work in most cases.

Car keys can also break off because of the presence of excess dust and other materials in the keyway. Lack of maintenance is the culprit here. It is advisable to maintain your car on a regular basis.

Try to salvage your key, even when it is broken, as it is possible to fix a broken key.

Car Key Extraction Process

Car key extraction is not as simple as it sounds. The extraction usually depends on the state of the lock as well as the key itself. While there are a few instances where you can solve the problem alone, it is always advisable to call a professional locksmith for help. When a professional comes to your aid, further damage to the lock or ignition will be avoided.

As we have stated already, extraction is normally required whenever a key breaks off in the car ignition or in the car lock. In either case, the extraction process is almost the same, but with some minor differences.

Any time car keys break off inside the door lock cylinder or in the ignition lock cylinder; they usually break flush where the key’s shaft meets the key’s head. During extraction, a professional locksmith uses a broken key extraction tool or a broken key extraction kit. Though they achieve the same goal, their mode of action differs in a few ways.

The locksmith inserts the broken key extraction tool into the lock so that the broken key is caught and then flushed out. Before the process starts, the locksmith will first lubricate the lock so that the key slides out easily. Lubrication also prevents further damage to the locking mechanism when extraction begins.

The broken key extraction kit usually comes with extractor pliers, a hemostat and a pair of spiral extractors. Using a broken key extractor kit requires the locksmith to have access to a similar key that can partially fit into the door lock or the ignition of your car.

Whether the locksmith uses a broken key extractor tool or a broken key extractor kit, utmost caution is taken to ensure no further damage occurs to the car lock or ignition. Our professional locksmiths are properly trained on the use of these two methods to help you out within the shortest time possible.

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