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Most people will be locked out of their home at least once in their life. Rather than risking damage to the window or injury by climbing through, you should consider hiring a residential locksmith service.

List of Residential Locksmith Services

  • Emergency house lockout services.
  • Changing locks for residential homes.
  • New lock installation on doors.
  • Smart lock installation.
  • Rekeying locks on doors.
  • Damaged lock repair.
  • Broken key extraction.
  • Replace and/or repair window locks.

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House Lockouts

When you are locked out of your home, you don’t need to break a window or try fitting through the doggy door to gain access to your home. The best way to get back inside is to hire an experienced locksmith who can quickly and easily get you into your home without weakening the security of your home if you don’t need to.

At Direct Locksmith, we use a variety of methods to use the least amount of resistance to get you into your home so it remains unharmed. Most home locks work on a pin and tumbler system. These types of locks are the easiest to be picked by a locksmith. The pin and tumbler lock consists of a variety of moving parts including:

  • The bible, which houses the driver pins and the springs
  • The plug, which is the part of the lock that turns along with the key
  • The key pins, which are touched when the key is inserted

The driver pins rest between the plug of the lock and the bible. The springs and the driver pins are the same height, while the key pins are unique. The height of the key pins corresponds with the grooves in the key, this is how the key opens the doors. When the key is inserted in the plug, the key pins will elevate the driver pins which cause the keys to compress.

Now, the driver pins are set on the shear line. This is the line that separates the bible from the plug. When the driver pins reach the shear line, the key can be turned and the door will open.

Picking a lock can be difficult. In order to properly pick a lock, the locksmith would need basic knowledge of how the driver pins are manually moved to the shear line. This process is performed with a professional locksmith picking set. In most cases, a tension wrench and one or two standard picks would be necessary.

To pick the lock, the tension wrench would be placed on the opposite end of where the teeth of the keys would normally go. The locksmith won’t need to know which direction to turn the lock. Our locksmiths would use the tension wrench to determine which direction has more give. This will let them know which way it needs to be twisted. When the tension wrench is twisted in the correct direction, the keyhole would be picked in and out. This process is called raking.

When the lock is raked, some of the driver pins will be moved. The locksmith would start from the back pin and work their way through until all 5 of the pins have been picked. When all 5 pins have been picked, the tension wrench will turn the plug the same way that a key would. It actually works like a key in slow motion so that no damage will be done to the lock. If picking the lock won’t work, a bump key may be used.

When used properly, the bump key will move the key pins so that the diver pins line up with the shear line. The grooves would be made in a key bland. When the key is struck or “bumped”, it will temporarily allow the plug to be turned. This method works the same way that a key does, allowing the locksmith to open the door without causing any damage.

If you don’t have a pin and tumbler lock and you have something more high-tech such as a smart key, the lock may need to be drilled. If the lock does not respond to picking or bumping, it may also need to be drilled. When the lock is drilled, it would be set to the location of the pins and a drill would be used to puncture a hole in the lock. The drill will break the pins that hold the lock in place. This would allow the locksmith to get into the home with one turn of a screwdriver.

If the locksmith needs to drill the locks, they will no longer work. Drilling the locks should never be a DIY project. There are many issues that can occur if the locks are drilled by anyone but a professional. Drilling past the pins can break the bolt of the lock which can make it difficult to get the door open. If there is an accumulation of metal particles, it can lock or jam the pins so that they cannot reach the shear line. For the safety of your home and your locks, you should only allow an experienced locksmith drill the locks.

Changing House Locks

As a homeowner, you should be concerned with the condition of your locks. They work along with your doors to make sure that your home is safe and locked up tight at all times. If a more advanced and secure product comes out, you should consider replacing your existing lock with the advanced version. If your locks are showing signs of wear and tear, you should also consider changing your locks.

The best way to tell if you need to have your locks changed is to pay close attention to it. Many homeowners will have their locks installed and they will think that they will keep the locks safe forever. This is a common mistake. You should never expect your locks to work properly forever. If you notice the signs that your locks are losing their integrity or if you have decided to upgrade your home’s security, you should consider having the locks changed.

If you are planning to have your locks changed, you should work with a professional locksmith who is willing to walk you through the entire process. A professional can also recommend the best products to keep your home as safe and secure as possible.

Some of the signs that you need to replace your locks are more obvious than others. As a homeowner, your top priority should be working with a trusted locksmith. This is especially true if your home has recently been broken into.

Home Lock Installation

If your locks fail or if they break, you will need to have them replaced correctly and as quickly as possible. This is the only way to be sure that your home is secure. The beginning of the lock process is similar to removing the knob or handle in rekeying the lock. The difference is that in this process, the rose and the spindle are removed from the door. The spindle is the rod that connects the lock on one side of the door to the lock on the other side.

To replace the bolt, the bolt guard would be unscrewed. The bolt guard is also known as the housing. This will help you to remove the bolt. When this is done, the holes might need to be adjusted based on the difference between the old lock and the new lock. When the lock is reassembled, the process is basically the disassembly process in reverse. The locksmith will also pay special attention to fit the internal mechanisms properly. When the new lock is installed, you can rest easy knowing that they will open and close properly, keeping your home and everyone inside safe and secure at all times.

Smart Lock Installation

Smart locks are the future of home security. Smart locks use automated technology along with the convenient security that your locks already provide. Not only do smart locks look advanced and futuristic, they also allow you to keep your home safe and secure even if you aren’t there.

Today, more and more homeowners are replacing their existing locks with smart locks. If you are thinking of making the change, you should understand the benefits of smart locks as well as their limitations.

Smart locks have broken new ground in the lock and locksmith industry. They are actually reinventing the face of home security today. Smart locks provide technological innovation. They are also designed to give your locks a feel that the future is here. Choosing to install smart locks now is a great decision.

If you are planning to install smart locks, you should look at every aspect of your home. This will keep you from leaving any area of your home vulnerable so that the whole house is secure. If you are apprehensive about switching to smart locks, we understand where you are coming from.

Many apprehensive homeowners worry about the cost involved in a smart lock installation. Some are worried that after the smart locks are installed that they will be susceptible to break-ins and burglaries. If you have any questions regarding smart lock installation, you can read more about the subject. If you still have questions, you can ask our trusted locksmith any questions that you might have.

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Rekey Locks

The process of rekeying a lock allows it to be adjusted so that it will work with a new key. This process is easier than changing the locks. Instead, the lock would be changed so that a new key will fit. The process requires a basic understanding of a pin and tumbler lock. While the rekeying process is simple, it takes time and practice to master. One mistake can destroy the lock, therefore, you should only allow a professional locksmith to rekey your lock.

To rekey your lock, you would need the current key, the lock, and the new key that you want to fit the lock. If you have a deadbolt, the apparatus would need to be disassembled. This is done by unscrewing, however, it can be complicated. A professional locksmith will not only have the necessary skills to rekey a deadbolt and lock, they will also have the necessary tools for door knob locks, including a catching tool, a spanner, and a plug follower, also known as a follower.

The catching tool is responsible for removing the handle or the knob from the lock. To handle this effectively, the knob or handle would need to be twisted until the hole in the knob rose can be seen. This is a sheath-like case that attaches to the wall. When the catching tool is placed in the hole, it will release the catch. Next, the knob and the rose can be separated. The spanner is used to remove the cap, also known as the shank.

It removes the spanner from the knob so that the lock cylinder can be assessed. The locksmith would use the spanner again. This time it would be to remove the C-clip from the plug. Next, the current key would be put in the hole and turned at a 90-degree angle. This will allow the lock to open so that it can slide freely without the plug. The plug follower is then placed on the back of the lock and it will follow the cylinder when it is ejected.

This process keeps the springs and the driver pins properly in place while the locksmith rekeys the lock. The plug will have part of the key still inside and it will be separated from the bible. Finally, the current key pins would be removed from the plug.

The locksmith would use a key decoder that they can find the marker’s key pin to grove ratio. This is very specific and it needs to be done properly. When the grooves are measured, it is done in accordance with the company’s specification of groove depth and it corresponds to a number. When the groove numbers are measured properly, the list of the heights can be found. The new height will let the locksmith know the correct size that will be needed for the new key pins.

When each of the 5 grooves is measured, the proper key size would be determined and then placed in the correct holds. The key pin size can be verified simply by making sure that the pin is flush against the cylinder. When the plug is inserted into the bible, the follower would be pushed at a 90-degree angle.

If the plug is improperly or accidentally reinserted, the first driver pin can fall into the 6th chamber. This will premaritally lock the mechanism. When the C-clip is reattached, the lock would be put back into the knob. This will allow the shank and the rose to be fitted together.

Lock Repair

Your best defense against intruders is your locks. They are essential to keeping your home and everyone inside safe. If you understand how important your locks are, you should also understand how important it is to maintain and repair your locks if necessary. There are many cases where a lock won’t need to be replaced, it just needs to be repaired.

Over time, locking and unlocking your doors can result in wear and tear in the locks and a repair would be necessary. As soon as you notice signs of wear and tear, you should contact a professional locksmith. In many cases, lock malfunctions are minor and they can be easily repaired. If you ignore the signs that your lock needs to be repaired, the issue can become too serious for a simple repair to be enough.

It takes a great deal of knowledge to repair a lock. If it is not done properly, it can result in more damage to the lock. Since there are many ways that a lock can be damaged, it is a good idea that you are aware of the signs that you need to have the lock repaired. A few signs to look for include:

  1. A key breaking in the lock
  2. A misaligned latch
  3. The lock cylinder won’t turn each time you turn the key to open the lock

If these issues go unnoticed or unattended, your home won’t be as secure as possible and you will need to pay more money to replace the lock.

Broken Key Extraction

One of the most frustrating lock issues is when the key breaks in the hole. If the key is old and constantly being used, this issue is not uncommon. We understand how frustrating this can be and we are there to help.

If your key breaks in the lock, the first thing that you should do is remain calm. There are some homeowners who don’t think that a broken key warrants a call to a locksmith, however, if these people try to extract the key on their own, it can cause further damage to the lock.

When one of our locksmiths go to your home, the will remove the key from the lock and they will make sure that both are in proper working order. They will also give you advice regarding the best way to avoid having the key break in the lock again. One of the best ways to do this is to pay special attention to the way that you lock and key work together. If there are any cracks in the shaft of your key, you should stop using it immediately. If you put your key in the lock and it won’t turn, don’t force it. If you do, the key can break off and it will cause an even bigger problem. The more you know about broken keys the better. This knowledge can help it from happening again.

Window Lock Repair

The windows in your home are as important as the doors, and they deserve the same attention. It is not uncommon for burglars to use the windows to gain entry to the home, therefore, you should have functioning window locks to keep your home safe.

Our locksmiths have been thoroughly trained to assess the repair service that you need. They are also capable of working on all types of windows. We can work on sliding windows and casement windows and we can work on any type of lock that your windows have.
As soon as you find that there is an issue with your window locks, you should have them repaired. The locksmith will inspect the windows and then repair the existing lock or replace it. Just because your home has never been broken into before, it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. If you are aware of the health of your window locks, you can be sure that your home will remain safe.

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Residential Lock smith FAQS

If you are at home and you are in need of a locksmith, there are a few things that you should know.

Q: How long does it take for a home locksmith to get to me?

A: Depending on the location of your home, it will take about 30 to 45 minutes for the locksmith to get to your home. All of our locksmiths are mobile techs. This means that they spend 95 percent of their day on the road. When the locksmith is on the road, it allows them to get to you as quickly as possible.

Q: Do I need to know what type of locks I have in my home?

A: You don’t need to have any knowledge regarding your locks. Our Direct Locksmith techs have the knowledge and experience to assess your locks and the services that you will need. While a history of the locks can be helpful, it is not needed.

Q: How long will it take for a locksmith to open my door?

A: When one of our locksmiths arrive at your home, they will assess the situation to determine the services that you need. Typically, a home lockout will take about 25 to 30 minutes. The exact amount of time would depend on the type of lock and the method used by the locksmith.

Q: Will the lock on my door be damaged?

A: The most common door opening methods include picking the locks or using a bump key. These methods will usually leave the locks in working order. In extreme cases, the lock would need to be drilled. Once the lock has been drilled, it would need to be replaced. Fortunately, the locksmith can quickly and easily replace the lock on your door.

Q: How much does a professional home locksmith cost?

A: At Direct Locksmith, we provide a variety of home locksmith services. The cost of the services vary depending on what you need to have done. Frank will give you an over the phone upfront cost with no hidden charges.

For more information on our home services and pricing, contact us today.

Frank was professional, prompt (same day) and informative in the process. Would certainly refer him to my friends/family when in need of an affordably priced locksmith!

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