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An automotive locksmith specialist can rekey ignition cylinders. Since they are just locks, ignition cylinders can be dismantled and reassembled with different interior components. Any skilled auto locksmith is able to rekey a new or an existing new cylinder for the ignition of your car. Because we come to you quickly, there is never a need to tow your car or bring your lock somewhere to be serviced.
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fast emergency locksmith melbourne

Frank was great. He worked on my lock for an hour at night in the cold and only charged me his original quote. The job was very tricky and he remained calm, patient and friendly throughout. He was very concerned for our welfare and even offered to let us sit in his van so we could stay warm. I am so pleased that it was Frank who turned up to rescue us. Thanks Frank!

Ann Gaffney


What a fantastic and customer responsive company. Frank was calm and helpful on a very rainy night. Having lost our keys in transit, when overseas, back home in the middle of the night nothing was too much trouble.

Jennifer Gale


Rekey Ignition

Locksmiths have been rekeying locks for a long time now. As long as a lock can be reassembled, it can be rekeyed. Reassembly is therefore very crucial for any rekeying process. Rekeying is the process of changing the key which works with a given lock. It is different from replacing since the lock is not permanently removed.

When rekeying an ignition cylinder, the cylinder is simply removed to access the internal components. For car ignitions and locks, the target components are usually the wafers.

When you insert your car keys into the ignition, the key moves the wafers to a uniform height; known as the shear line of the lock. When all the inner parts of a lock rest on its shear line, the plug of the device can turn freely. This only occurs when you use the correct key.

Without the right key, all the wafers move varying distances from the shear line. This is due to the cuts on the key.

For car locks, the key will probably have a slider cut or a two-sided wafer interface. Regardless of the style of the lock, our locksmith can replace the locking components.

To rekey an ignition cylinder, the locksmith will first have to access the cylinder. To do this, the locksmith will first disconnect the battery, and then remove the dashboard panels. Since the dashboard panels are made of plastic, they require different unlocking procedures and a unique order of disassembly. Our locksmiths are trained on how to go about this process without causing any damage to your car.

Once all the dashboard panels are removed, the locksmith can access the ignition housing. The process to rekey the ignition cylinders will then begin. The locksmith will temporarily remove the cylinder then insert the key into the ignition and turn it to a given position. The position will depend on the model and make of your vehicle. It is mostly the accessory position, but could as well be the ON position, the

ON into the start position or the accessory into the ON position.

When the key is aligned to the correct position, there will be a minimum of one security pin that must be depressed. This is accessed through a small hole in the housing of the cylinder. The locksmith will use a special tool to access this tool.

Once the cylinder is outside the housing, there are some metal bits that should be taken off. Our technician will figure how to remove these metal bits as well. After all these components are taken off, rekeying of the lock begins. Note that all wafers and pins must be removed before rekeying starts.

With the code of the new car keys, the locksmith will then insert new locking components that correspond to the various key cuts. Once all the work is done, the cylinder will be put back together. Our locksmith will then move the key into the exact position needed to remove it before reinstalling the housing unit.

After reinstalling the housing unit, the car battery is reconnected to test that the key works properly. If everything is okay, the dashboard panels are put back together and the rekeying of the gas cylinders is marked as complete.

DIY Problems

As you could have realized, this is a delicate process and a lot can go wrong if you do the work yourself. For example, the panels or even the latches can break; the wires may get unplugged or get damaged during the process, while using tools incorrectly can damage your car. This is why we strongly advise handing over work of this nature to the professionals. The professionals will do the work well giving you peace of mind.


Rekey Ignition Services FAQS

Q. How long will rekeying the ignition cylinder take?

Rekeying is usually part of the procedure of replacing an old ignition cylinder. If rekeying and replacing is necessary, the process will be complete within about 20 minutes. When it is possible to rekey the existing cylinder without replacing it, (of course with the approval of the customer) the process will take lesser time.

Q. When is rekeying my ignition necessary?

Rekeying is usually necessary to allow the customer to use one key on the car lock and on the ignition. This is because the new ignition cylinder following a replacement doesn’t come with keys to operate the car. The existing wafers of the new cylinder are usually emptied.

The old cylinder is therefore disassembled so that it is decoded. This ensures the new ignition cylinder has the same key codes as the old cylinder. If this is not done, you will have a key which works in the ignition but not on the doors, or vice versa. The ignition can be rekeyed to fit your original key, or all the locks can be rekeyed to fit the new key. You can also decide to rekey everything but this will certainly take more time.

Q. Is it okay to rekey the ignition rather than replacing it?

Sometimes it is okay to rekey your ignition rather than doing a total overhaul. If the problem with your ignition is faulty internal components such as pins or wafers, these can be replaced. However, since you may still want the cylinder keyed alike to the trunk and door locks, this will definitely be different to the traditional rekey. Semantics aside, our major priority is ensuring you are comfortable.

Q. Why can’t my key work in the ignition?

When the key does not work with your ignition, there must be some sort of problem with the ignition. It could be as a result of how the cylinder reads the key or there could be an issue with the car’s ignition switch. In case the ignition cylinder is the source of the problem, the solution is a replacement. After removing the ignition cylinder, ignition cylinder replacements can be rekeyed to the old key code.

Where the damage is specific to the pins or the wafers in the lock, rekeying the ignition will solve the problem without the need to replace the whole cylinder.

Q. Will your technician come to me?

We understand that moving your car is impossible without a towing service when its ignition malfunctions. That is why we always come to your site whenever you give us a call. Even when you face a problem outside working hours, you can count on our 24 hour locksmith service to help you out.

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