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Whenever you are rushing somewhere, shepherding kids or carrying out an activity that requires your undivided attention, the judgment is skewed towards what is important now. Therefore, it is very possible to forget your keys in the car as you lock the door behind you.

However, some vehicles have an effective innovative mechanism that does not allow locking the door with your keys in the car, but a majority of the car lacks the same. A situation such as this could bring a lot of inconvenience especially if you are in a tight spot near traffic or running late.

You can see the keys but cannot reach over, the glass windows get in the way. There are several old tricks that have proven to work in the past. Such include:

Car Rear Door Or Boot

Many of the cars available have a mechanical lock at the boot that could be manually manipulated to open the rear door. However, there is a catch. The vehicle must have access to the front. The car must have retractable rear seats if a sedan or be a hatchback. Space is also critical. Not everyone can fit or wiggle through such a constrained space available. If you will not fit in the space then get someone to help.

Coat Hanger

Old as the car locks come, but works wonders. The coat hanger works well with the lock that is outside of the car door and the glass rather on the inside.

How it works? The hanger wire is straightened and then inserted in between the glass and the door. It takes some skill and know-how to open. Still if this effort is not working, you can possibly slide the wire in with the hook side first through the rubber baseboard on the side of the window.

Other methods like use of a long hooked stick, a shoe lace even a slim Jim that could be applied for those with partially up windows to hook the keys and pull them out. This is a safe way to try recovering the car keys while causing the least harm.

A range of other methods which are used and suggested by some individuals include using a shoe lace, a slim jim, or even drilling the lock. There are some ways more destructive than the problem itself and may not be a  viable solution.

Such as drilling through the keyhole while preventing to smash the window. The other method involves using of a tennis ball that may require some patching up afterward. The damage you could do to the car, its door, and the locking mechanism in the process could be much costly. In other words, do not let the frustration in the rush get up to you. Exercise caution always.

The locking mechanisms of modern cars are exceptionally sensitive and having them open in some forceful way could destroy them unrecoverable. You may somehow get your keys, yet you might also be facing a costly amount to have your car repaired.

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