Smart locks are the newest technology that is designed to help you secure your home against intruders. They are designed to either supplement or replace your deadbolt locks so that it takes much more than a key to get into your home. However, the best part about smart locks is most likely the fact that they allow you to monitor the people that go in and out of your home, and they keep track of when someone is trying to enter your home without having a key.

There are a lot of great features to smart locks that make them a worthwhile investment. They are compatible with many other parts of your home and make life a lot easier. There are systems that hook up with things such as Nest or Apple Home that allow you to set timers on when your doors are locked and the lights turn out. However, as smart locks are still in their early years, there are still some kinks being worked out, and therefore it is important to have a 24-hour locksmith in Melbourne to call just in case.

How Do Smart Locks Work?

Typically, smart locks are a numerical keypad that allows you to type in a code that unlocks the doors to your home. More than that, they allow you to constantly stay connected to what is happening in your home by tracking who is coming in and out and allowing you to set restrictions on when people are allowed in your home. You can also send codes to guests that allow them to enter your home when you aren’t there, for instances such as when someone is housesitting for you.

Downside of Smart Locks

As stated before, smart locks are still in their adolescence, and so there are still some kinks that are being worked out about them. One of the biggest downsides of smart locks is that they are battery run. While it is rare that they will die while you are locked out of the house (there is a flashing light on them that indicates when the smart lock is going to die). But it’s smart to always keep a 24-hour locksmith in Melbourne on hand just in case.

We Can Help

Direct Locksmiths in Melbourne will help you to install a new smart lock into your home, allowing you to take your personal safety into your own hands. Smart locks are a great way to take control of your home even when you are not at home because you have the goings-on in your home in the palm of your hand by using your smartphone to monitor your home activity

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