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Car Locksmith, Fast & Mobile Service When You Have Locked Your Keys In Your Car Boot

Our highly skilled local auto locksmiths can help you with locked keys in the boot. They know how to open a locked car boot. You don’t have to worry, just give us a call and we will handle everything. Even if the keys are in another part of your vehicle, our car lockout service we will get you back on the road in no time.
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fast emergency locksmith melbourne

Frank was great. He worked on my lock for an hour at night in the cold and only charged me his original quote. The job was very tricky and he remained calm, patient and friendly throughout. He was very concerned for our welfare and even offered to let us sit in his van so we could stay warm. I am so pleased that it was Frank who turned up to rescue us. Thanks Frank!

Ann Gaffney


I had the pleasure of dealing with Frank today who quickly and efficiently got my keys out of my car.
There were two 'technicians" from another company attempt before him with no success, only wasted my time.
If you want the job done right and done well I highly recommend Frank.

Mark Lynch


Locked Keys in car boot

You should not despair when your vehicle’s keys are locked in the car trunk. Just call your trusted locksmiths and we will come to your rescue. We respond fast and we maintain an open line of communication always.

When you give us a call, one of our technicians will come to your site. On arrival, the technician will assess the situation, determine the solution and inform you of the price. After you agree, the actual work begins. Our technician will embark on the work with great attention to detail. No matter the model of the car, its year of manufacture, or the kind of the aftermarket accessories, our locksmiths will help you get the locked keys in car trunk.

Boot Locks Vary From Vehicle To Vehicle

Since vehicle changes year in year out, the locking mechanism as well as the other security features also changes. Even within one company, the security changes from one make to another. As such, there are no standard rules to follow when opening locked car boots.

Your locksmith will also consider any other modifications to the vehicle’s security systems.

How Keys Get Locked In Car Trunk

Locking your keys inside the car boot can happen due to a number of reasons. It is usually accidental. You just put your keys down for a minute and then suddenly notice that you closed the car trunk without meaning to. In the process, your keys get locked in the car boot.

Why this occurs can be attributed to the stress of daily life. As much as you may try to be organized and calm, one of these days you will simply lock your keys inside the car boot. When this happens, we advise you not to panic but rather stay calm and call a professional locksmith to help you out. After all, it is not as bad as it seems.

Some of the preventive measures you can take to avoid locking your keys inside the car boot include avoiding last minute rushes and always keeping keys on your person as much as possible. Do not put the keys down inside the vehicle.

Dangers of the Deadlock

A deadlock feature usually makes a bad situation worse when keys are locked in the car boot. While there are a number of deadlocks, all of them revolve around the same concept. A deadlock refers to a feature which disconnects the inner door locks from the locking mechanism. As a result, if you pushed the buttons or pulled up on the post locks on the car, the doors won’t open.

This disconnect makes any manual manipulation of the locks impossible. You can only open the vehicle using the keys. The deadlock may turn on anytime you remove the keys from the ignition. Whenever the deadlock is engaged, it becomes very difficult to open the vehicle. But you should not worry since our locksmiths have handled similar cases before. Just talk to your trusted locksmith and we will come to your aid.

Our greatest satisfaction is putting a smile on your face. You can count on our years of excellence offering exemplary locksmith services in this region and beyond.

Locked Keys In Car Trunk FAQS

Q. How long will it take to remove the locked keys in car boot?

If it is a standard lockout, our locksmiths will take about 5 minutes to remove the keys from the car boot. The technician will first diagnose the issue and then decide on the best entry method. After assessing the situation, the technician will give you a price and if it is acceptable, the actual work begins.

Q. Can a locksmith help if the car boot is deadlocked?

A key getting locked in a vehicle that is deadlocked is an extremely troubling scenario. Your vehicle will not open without the proper key since the doors of the vehicle will neither open from the outside nor from the inside.

This thwarts any physical manipulation of the inside door locks. But you should not worry, our experts will figure out what to do to help you out. After assessing the situation, the locksmith who comes to your site will determine the best method to solve the problem.

Q. Is it possible to open a vehicle with locked keys in car boot?

It is possible to open the vehicle since the internal locks will still be functioning. However, the time the process will take will largely depend on the security of the vehicle. If your security is complex, it may take quite some time to open the motor vehicle. Whatever the situation, your trusted locksmith will do it fast, right and at an affordable price.

Q. Which is worse; locked keys in car boot or locked keys in vehicle?

In most cases, unlocking the car boot takes almost the same effort as unlocking the motor vehicle. After unlocking the car, the car boot or boot is opened from the driver’s side. The unlocking will largely depend on the type of vehicle, the type of security features as well as any other extra security accessories.

However, it is important to note that in case the car boot is broken or does not work due to the deadlock feature, more steps will be necessary. Even if this is the case, our skilled locksmiths will help you out.

Q. How will I know if my keys are locked in the car boot?

In most cases, it is impossible to definitely know if the keys are in the car boot. We advise you retrace your steps. As you retrace your most recent steps, peep through the vehicle windows just to confirm they are not concealed somewhere in the vehicle.

Also remember to check the ground around the vehicle and if your vehicle is a hatchback, you may be able to see into the car boot from the outside.

Q. How can I get my locked keys in car boot out?

It may be possible to get the keys out of your car boot without needing external help. You will however need a tool that can open the door without causing any damages. If you are unfamiliar with how to go about it, kindly call a professional. Avoid guesswork since this can lead to further damages.

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