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Video Transcript


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Here in the workshop, I’m going to show you how to fit a deadlock to door. I’m going to fit the deadlock to the door 200 mm above the existing handle. To do that, I’ll drill a 54 mm hole in the face of the door and a 25 mm hole in the edge. Mark a line 200 mm from the centre of the existing door handle and square that line around the door and mark across the door edge and continue to scribe the line on the back face of the door.

The lock bolt is available in either 60 mm or 70 mm back set. In this case, I’m going to choose a 60 mm back set to match the centre of the existing knob on the door. To do this, I’m going to use a paper template provided with the deadlock which has the 60 mm backset marked on the template. I’m going to place that on the door, line the centre line of the [INAUDIBLE 01:07] up with your centre line marked on the door and on the face, mark the centre point at 60 mm, and repeat the action on the other side of the door.

To drill a 54 mm hole through the door, drill first from one side and then the other. Then, don’t just drill from one side and breakthrough or you’ll have an ugly breakout. And before drilling, don’t forget to put on your personal protection equipment.

[Drilling sound]

Use a 25 mm spade bit to drill an intersecting whole in the edge of the door. Next, mark the edge of the faced plate, so at least you can house it in the door. Now, choose to lay up the housing to the depths of the faced plate and choose around the perimeter first.

Try to fit the face plate to the door and if necessary, choose a lay up a little more to get a nice flush fit. Once it’s flushed, mark the centre point of the hole so it’s easy to stop the screw in the correct position. Fit the outside deadlock body to the outside of the door and then forget the inside is the one with the screws. Fit it up close and tighten up your screws. It is important to fix the strike plate in the correct position to engage the bolt. To do that, I will measure from the back of the door to the outer face of the bolt and transfer that dimension to the door jam. To ensure the correct vertical position of the striked plate, transfer the centre line dimension to the jamb. Transfer the horizontal mark to the jamb of the door and measure the setback dimension that we measured earlier and position the striked plate on the centre of that marked and scribe the perimeter of the strike plate. I will now house out that rectangle to fit this strike plate flush onto the face of the jam.

Now, test the strike plate for fit into the housing and that fits nicely or mark the screw hole at the top, at the bottom, and mark the rectangle of the check out for the door bolt. Mark the centre point for the screws with the tip of your spade bit so that the screws will start nicely and then rough out the centre of the cut-out for the bolt with a spade bit and now square it off for the chisel.

We now screw the strike plate to the jamb, fitting it into the housing, driving it in, not fully. Fit the second one into its position and drive in hand and then go back and finish the first one.

The final step is to test the fit, There you go. Perfect deadlock installed. If you have any further questions, come down to your local Bunning’s Warehouse and a team member will help you.